Football is Back and European Deli is Ready!

There is nothing like football in the fall. We now have two NFL teams in Los Angeles, and we love professional football… but to us, nothing beats the ritual of the college game. And it just so happens we are blessed to have two major college teams in town as well.

What do you like to do for the games? Because here’s the thing: nothing goes better with football than grilled sausages. And take our word for it – bratwursts don’t take any more effort than hot dogs, but your guests will appreciate them so much more. 

Whether you’re watching at home with your family, tailgating at the Coliseum or the Rose Bowl, or gathered with a bunch of friends in a backyard, watch the reaction when you set down a plate of bratwurst (or knockwurst, bockwurst, or wieners – we have those too!)

European Deli opens at 9 AM on Saturdays, plenty of time to pick up some food and make it to the game. And don’t forget to add some of our made-in-house sauerkraut and German potato salad.

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