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Once upon a time, almost every town, even the smallest, had at least one deli at its heart. People would congregate to have a cup of coffee, chat with each other, and purchase food for that day’s meals. Within a day or two, they would return to do the same.

In today’s world of supermarkets and big box stores, convenience is king. You can buy a week’s worth of food at one time. You can buy your deli meats pre-sliced in airtight packages and your sausages in styrofoam containers, bathing in an indeterminate liquid. You can buy socks and books and light bulbs while the tires on your car are being rotated.

It may be an easier world, but is it better?

The answer is probably neither a definite yes or no. But it's still something to consider.

You will save time at the supermarket, and the big box store will almost certainly save you money, but not a single employee will ever know your name nor care to learn it, and if you ask the provenance of a particular piece of cheese or cut of sausage, expect a look somewhere between bemused and complete disinterest.

You will find the opposite at European Deli. When you step inside, we want you to feel like you’ve entered a world where customer service and quality products are the only considerations. We want to remind you of the mom-and-pop delis and markets of long ago. We will greet you with a smile and, when we get to know you, your name.

When you order a sandwich, we will slice the meats to order and carve the veggies by hand. Take the time to explore our European condiments and pantry items or our extensive selection of candies. Feel free to sit down at one of our tables with a cup of coffee and browse the selection of European books and magazines.

If you want, we’ll wrap your food up for you to take home, or you can enjoy your meal here at one of our tables and perhaps make some new friends.

But what we most want you to feel at European Deli is welcome. We do not want to be the megastore that you “need” to visit; we want to be the neighborhood shop that you want to visit. We want to be an indispensable part of the community by offering something that you just don’t find too much anymore.

Stop by and say hello some time.

- Joanna

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